Nigerian Dwarf Goats

ADGA Registered Nigerian Dwarf Goats in East Tennessee 

Welcome to Cedar View Nigerian Dwarf Goat Farm!

The 2014 show season ended for us mid-October at the South Carolina State Fair.  All the news from this year has been moved to a special "show news" page found under the "More" tab.  We had a great year finishing three seniors and earning several Junior  and Senior Grands along the way.

In  February 2013 all our milking does started on standard 20 DHIR test and all does who have completed at least one lactation have earned AR or Star milker status.  Additionally, all of our milking does participated in the Linear Appraisal program on Sept.  2013 and May 2014.  We test annually for CAE.  The latest test was done in February 2015 on all does and bucks over 6 months of age.  We remain a CAE free herd as all tested negative once again.

You'll find information on our Nigerian Dwarf breeding stock on the Senior Doe, Junior Doe and Buck pages.  There is a Map Page under the "More" tab also, and that is where you will find our farm address.

December 2014:
  Two more does have been awarded Superior Genetics:  SGCH Cedar View Isabella and SG Little Tots Estate Syeira.

August 22,2014:
  ADGA has released the 2013 Breed Leader List. Our GCH Little Tot's Estate Inula made the ADGA Top Ten List for Protein.  Remarkably she earned this breed leader status while also earning her permanent championship.  She and all the other milkers went to several shows while also keeping up a regular twice a day milk schedule. 
Our Simple Joys dory Norris was Awarded Superior Genetics this month! 

2/6/2014:  Cedar View Farm has a FACEBOOK page.  I actually set it up in January 2013, but never published it until now.  At this point I don't know what I intend to do with it, but it is there, so you can "like us" on FACEBOOK if you "like".  Feel free to post a note.   Better yet, I'd actually prefer that you send an email to:

Updated 12/4/2013: Major good news!  Dinah Belle is an "ADGA Elite Doe". 
Cori's Fancy Dinah Belle, and her three daughters:  Cori's Fancy N Delmina,  Cori's Fancy N Donatella, and Cedar View Fortunata have been awarded the designation of Superior Genetics(see their info on the doe page)

Some of our senior does in milk will be offered for sale in order to make room for the retention of young stock.  All have appraised in the "Very Good" range.  All have earned milk production awards through the ADGA performance program.   We also have several bucks that we use in our breeding program, and occasionally, there may be a mature buck that we are willing to sale. 
If you are interested in purchasing a doe or buck, please email ( or call (423-334-5510) for availability..

Check the New Arrivals and Kids for Sale Page  for available new stock for sale.

Prices for bucks will start at $400.  Lower prices may be available of some young bucks only if sold without papers. 
Prices for doelings will start at $500.

Updated 9/8/2013 - I have been making all natural goat milk soap since last fall. Currently available soap scented with the following essential oils includes: "Tea Tree and Lavender Essential Oils", "Lavender, Patchouli, and Lemongrass Essential Oils", "Mint Tea (Spearmint Essential Oil and finely ground Peppermint Tea)" , " Double Mint" (Peppermint and Spearmint Essential Oils), "Sandalwood/Eucalyptus", "Bergamot and Sweet Orange",  "Oatmeal with Chamomile, Honey and Raw Cacao (unscented), "Gardenia", "Oatmeal and Lavender", and "Cinnamon Apple Spice".
If you are interested, please call or email for prices.  I can mail nine bags (2 bars in each bag) through USPS in their Medium flat rate box.  Up to 18 bags will fit in the Large flat rate box.

New dog!

photo made on arrival day  3/15/2015


What a beautiful boy! He'll be 1 year old on 3/18/2015. Thank you John and Pat.

Koy, one of our male Great Pyrenees, is a great kid-sitter as well as watchdog. The peacocks also let us know of any strange happenings in the barn lots. Lilly (below) stands guard at the barn door.

Koy and Lilly's pup, George at nine months is guardian for one of our Boer goat pastures.

Gus guards one of our Boer goat pastures.

on the right - Van Gogh - sometimes serious, sometimes
playful - always grateful for a sunny day!  He works at the Nigerian Dwarf Barn.
Josie, helps guard the Boer goat pasture.

Lady (front) and Martha guard the Nigerian buck lot. Martha is a Lilly/Koy daughter and Lady is a Sheba/Gus daughter

photo made 3/15/15

Sheba (half Pyrenees/half Anatolian) guards a Boer goat pasture with Gus.